Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And we're in!

Well, we are finally moved into the apartments!! Still a bit of work going on around here, and the garage is full of things, but its nice to finally be in our own place! Here are a few pictures of whats been going on around here!
Our first guests for our first dinner on the new table- James and his son, Mary, Brad, Sam

I have been trying to teach Mary how to make bread, and practicing baking in the new convection oven!

The boys laying the concrete for the driveway on the side of the house- Dallas, Don, Brad, Garry, Danny and Sam

the concrete team


the girls making treats for Halloween- Emma, Audrey, Mary and Brooklyn

our halloween pumpkin sweet potato stew!

Complete with breadstick bones

The living room in our apartment. Still nothing on the walls yet, but we have furniture at least!

Olivia the bear resting in her spot.

the dining room set

our comfy kitchen

The front door and concrete sidewalk the guys put in. Nice work!

Sidewalk on the side of the house

If there were no snow, you could see the finished concrete driveway- but this  is the side of the garage.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost There...

Here are the last pictures I have of the progress with the shop/apartment. It's nice that it's all inside work now, we have had tons of rain the last part of our summer?!  We hope to be in sometime next month.

Danny and Sam gearing up to spray the foam insulation into the ceiling and walls.
 The insulation is a two part mix, and is very
sticky and smelly.
Love the head gear Sam! This looks like a really good time. Actually Sam has
become the expert with the ins and outs of the foam machine..Any problems----
Call Sam!

I think their favorite was doing the ceiling/roof.

One of the finished walls. You can see the ceiling is sheet rocked, thats because they had to sheetrock the ceiling first, then spray foam on top of the sheetrock, leaving an air space between that and the metal roof to create a "cold roof".

Dallas, with the help? of Dave Rue setting up the sheet rock jack to finish sheet-rocking the ceiling so they could finish the insulation.

Alas, the insulation, sheet rock, mud and taping, and most of the texture up the down staircase is done, and all the tile is set in the main floor kitchen and in both full baths upstairs including granite master countertop, they are operational now in apartado A.
At the top of the stairs in the landing/sitting room. Note the right upper part of the pic. above the stairs.  When finished this will be a small loft, one that the grandkiddies will love to flee to.  Im really excited about this,  Just trying to decide how to finish the enclosure. I have thought about using dowels to the ceiling, (like a jail house!!)   Any suggestions?
At the back is the laundry room, which is tiled.  All the "A" apartment is now textured, ready to paint. The sealer coat has already been applied in the masterbath/closet and bedroom.
Apartment "B" is not far behind, with the upstairs mostly textured. The downstairs needs one more coat of mud and it will be ready to texture and paint as well. 
Looking down the stairs toward the front door.

Looking from the front door at the living room. On the left is the dining room, and around the corner is the kitchen.The door opening on the left will be a small bathroom.
As you can see, the walls are textured ready for paint, and the hardie-backer board is down, ready to tile. The tile is set out waiting for Keith, the tile master!!!

The tile work in the 2nd bedroom upstairs. Turned out very nice. There is tile around the shower as well. 

The bathroom counter top in Bedroom #2. The tile turned out very nice. Quite unique. Thanks Keith.

Bathroom countertop in the master bedroom.  Keith said he has never worked with granite before, but he and Kelly did an amazing job with this. I love the high backsplash and front edge.
Note the tile along the wall behind the toilet and in the shower.
 The shower tile goes all the way to the ceiling. LOVE it.

Rod finishing the bits and pieces of the hardie backer board, ready for the rest of the living room to be tiled. It has been a LOT of work for everyone, but is all coming together now.
Since I took these pictures, a lot more progress has been made. I am currently in So. Jordan, Ut with my youngest daughter, Cassie, who just had a baby last Thursday. When I get back I will take pictures of the latest progress and post an update. It won't be long now until we will be moving in!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

We had a great Fathers Day this year. We used the "shop kitchen" with all the family. We're a pretty big group when we all get together! The kitchen table consists of a piece of plywood placed over 2 saw horses!

The group consisted of Rod and I,  Audrey, Don and 6 1/2 kids, 
Dallas, Melany, Jamie, Kevin and 3 kids,  Danny, Sam, 
and the twins, Keith and Kelly

Lots of room at our table!

The "Stove " was our wonderful infrared BBQ. We have had many tasty meals from here. It does help that we have several  great cooks as well.

And this would be our cabinets.

No One goes away from our table hungry, Unless they are on
 "the diet" (hehe) and they are being good!
 Even then there was plenty of steak and salad to go around.

The seating was made up of a 2X10 placed between the rungs of
 2 ladders. Worked well,
as long as it was only "smaller" people sitting right in the middle!!

Of course all the work area was up for grabs at dinnertime.

Our Happy Fathers!
Don, Keith, Kelly
Danny,  Kevin
Rod and Dallas (with the Flat Caps)

Don't they just Look like a bunch of happy bros, full of .......

"Brotherly Love"?!!

We had a fun day of being together, and I'm sure no other Fathers Day will ever be like this one again.
We Love our Dads!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

We've come a long way, baby.

Ok, so I know it's been a couple of months since  posted an update on the shop/apartments.  What can I say?? Life  (ie Playing with friends and family) just gets in the way!! I did have a great time though.
Anyway, I will post several updates on the project. We have actually come a long way. 

Rod and Dallas checking out the work.

Danny and Sam working on the sheeting. It was rather tricky. And a whole lot of work.

At last!  The walls are up, the roof is on. It's starting to take shape.
And it seems really BIG!

Spring in Alaska was quite delightful this year. Calm days, lots of sunshine, warm temps. Perfect weather for working on the "project". Kevin definitely thought summer had arrived, while Kelly was still "layering up"!
Wahoo!!! The sides now have the metal on, and it has real windows and doors.
 Its a real building.

The front of the apartments. The one on the right is Rods, the one on the left is Dallas's.
No special reason, just worked out that way.
Stewie hard at work? (play) doing the dirt pile thing. It actually took a bit of work to move all the dirt where it needed to be, but the results were great. We now have a nice big driveway around the building from one side to the other.
Thanks Stewie

Keith starting what he is famous for,, tile work!! This is for the shop bathroom, I know , nice eh! Its on the second floor in the shop right next to the "Man Cave" where Keith, Kelly and Sam were hanging out!

This has been a big project and a lot of hard work. A big thanks to our crew....
Rod, Sam, Dallas, Keith, Kelly, Kevin and Stewie.
Danny also joined us, after this pic was taken.
Thanks to all.